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Organic Mandya Farm Day Tour

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The opportunity to witness organic agriculture in action is a rarity nowadays. To experience where our food is grown rather than to watch it arrive at supermarkets is the point of our Farm2Kitchen organic farm tour. We are happy to accommodate your group in the Spring, Summer and Fall.

Tour Details

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Team members arrive at our farm land by 8am, start with breakfast at Organic Mandya
Participate in farming activities from 9am – 12noon
Plough the land, so it’s ready to sow the seed / saplings
Get a chance to sow few vegetable plants, seeds
Water the newly planted seeds / saplings
Occasionally we might have a paddy land, you could try the luck at preparing the medium for sowing (hope you can balance & now fall into mud sludge)
Enjoy the lunch at the field, which will be prepared right in the field while you work
Option-1: Post lunch, get ready for some rural sports!
Kabaddi (we know Pro Kabaddi, has made this popular) : played on mud finish & to make it challenging, field will be watered & slurry!
Gilli Dandalu : Pre-cricket game Lagaan team refers to, let’s see.. who would get to send the Gilli to farthest!
Lagori : Game played with ball & 10 stones, starts with felling the stones, team that manages to arrange them back without getting hit by other team.
Option-2: Organic Jaggery Plant tour
We will take you on a tour of our Jagger Plant in VC Farm
Understand the process of making Jaggery
If you have still energy left, welcome to stay back in our Agri Club (near our Organic Mandya outlet) for another day of Farm & Games!
A nominal charge of Rs. 1300.00 per person per day, which would cover the farm, food & sports activities described above.