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Organic Farming Workshop



Dr. Narayan Reddy is a prize winning organic farmer (who made the transition from conventional agriculture in 1980), writer and trainer from bangalore, India.

As a boy, Dr. L. Narayana Reddy ran away from his parent’s home and lived and worked for years in cities. After he inherited a small piece of land in 1972, just outside bangalore, he decided to start farming. After Mr. Reddy received some magazines on organic farming in 1975 from a friend, he started to convert his farm to ecological agriculture.

Today Dr. Reddy is a legendary organic farmer and is one of the most sought after resource on ecological agriculture. He has set up a centre in Doddabalapur, near Bangalore, for experiential learning of organic farming. He now is an active promoter of organic bio-diverse farming at various Indian & international forums.

Event Starts on 10th to 12th September 2016.

Topics Covered:

  1. Soil Conservation.
  2. Building up of Humus.
  3. Maintaining Microbial Population.
  4. Water Conservation and Utilization.
  5. Effective Crop Management.
  6. Pest and Disease Management.

Charges include stay, food and workshop.

Details of the accommodation (including food and workshop fees for three days):

Gokul (Shared bath) — Rs. 3000/- per person.
Barsana (Attached bath)
Double — Rs.4000/- per person
Triple occupancy — Rs.3500/- per person

Vrindavan ( Attached bath)
Double occupancy — Rs.5000/- per person
Triple occupancy — Rs.4000/- per person
Quadruple occupancy — Rs.3750/- per person

HURRY! Only few seats left in single occupancy (shared bath) category. All other accommodations are now full! BOOK NOW to be there!