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India's 1st Portal for Eco Organic Tourism!

You don't need magic to disappear - all you need is NATURE!

Best Organic Farm Stays in India

We are connecting “India” with “Bharat”!

Our mission is to help bridge the gap between urban and rural India and help tourists connect with rural life. Organic farm tourism will help contribute to sustainable rural development and will result in increasing income, employment and economic stability in rural communities in India.

Our culture is so varied and vibrant that a whole lifetime is but too short to explore it completely. Rural tourism gives you a great deal of exposure to different cultures that breathe in the interiors of India.

Organic tourism is a kind of tourism that brings the visitor in direct contact with agricultural activities at organic farms. Organic farms are heaven to soul seekers. Away from the chaos of city, away from exhausting duties and closer to nature’s lap you can get to live life at its simplest.

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Why LifeatFarm?

Only Organic Farms

We offer farm tours and farm stays at organic farms only.

Environmental Conservation

Eco organic tourism helps create a better appreciation of the world’s natural resources

Cultural Preservation

Ecotourists have much greater interaction with native peoples than traditional tourists who barely venture out of their westernized hotels.

Sustainable Development

Organic tourism can be used as a tool for sustainable development of a destination in minor territory and whole country.


Ecotourism is a tool that provides opportunities – a financially viable tool that provides sustainable solutions to economic challenges and conservation needs of local people; an alternative means of supporting rural economies to help revitalize and sustain local heritage; and a market-linked force connecting and empowering stakeholders. Equally importantly, ecotourism also provides you, the traveler with unique opportunities to gain authentic experiences, discover new places, make new friends, and have a fun, memorable time. Eco-traveling can be much more than just taking only pictures and leaving only footprints; it’s an opportunity for you to make a difference and to make a lasting impact on communities and destinations you visit.

Travelers Choice of Organic Farm Stays

Want to visit an organic farm?
Organic Farm Day Tours Across India!

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